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Tap4Success™ System
uses a technique similar to EFT.

Learn EFT (tapping) from founder Gary Craig

Tap4Success™ System
uses a technique similar to EFT.
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  Personal Frequency Card example   Personal Frequency Card example

     Since 2000, Changing Lives has been offering a continuous energetic balancing program to a limited number of people. This is a proprietary system and clients are assisting by performing routines such as holding their own unique frequency cards and performing simple routines involving tapping with the fingertips on acupuncture points. Play the video to the left of this information to see a brief demonstration of the powers of the tapping technique. Our system differs in that we believe that each individual is unique and develop personal tapping routines for clients so that they can keep their energies balanced. The Tap4Success System currently uses 30 different tapping spots and the clients routine consists of from 1 to 15 different tapping spots. I have a manual available that describes the Tap4Succes System in more detail and I have developed 6 routines that clients are using to assist in balancing their bodies, mind and spirit. This allows them to participate in their growth.

     Pictured above, is an example of a pair of frequency cards designed for an individual client. These cards have the same information on the front and back of the cards. To use, you hold one card in each hand with all the fingertips touching and "feel the energy".

     I also recommend other cards to use in addition to your personal frequency card. For example, holding the To Enhance Universal Balancing Cards shown below on top of your personal frequency cards can assist the balancing of your energy. I have many other cards for sale and each pair is $30.

     The Continuous Energetic Balancing program is now $135 per month and family plan for $207 per month and includes your spouse or partner and all children and pets.

Discounts are also available for annual or quarterly payments in advance.

     For more information, feel free to contact me.


     John Detillier, Jr.

  To Enhance Universal Balancing Left Hand - Front of Frequency Card   To Enhance Universal Balancing Left Hand - Back of Frequency Card   To Enhance Universal Balancing Right Hand - Front of Frequency Card   To Enhance Universal Balancing Right Hand - Back of Frequency Card

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